Birding Costa Rica

This website is an outline of birding trips to many of Costa Rica's more popular birding destinations. It is also partially a personal narrative of trips to Costa Rica beginning in 1991. Nearly all of the information here is from experience and includes personal bird observations and summaries. Outside of a few trips that I did with group tours, all other trips were done using a rental car and an occasional shuttle.
Road Map of Costa Rica - From Toucan Maps 

Web-based Maps from Anywhere Costa Rica

Facebook Link for Costa Rica Guide \ Toucan Maps Information on road conditions, national parks, restaurants, natural history, hotels, driving issues, seasonal weather, and general information. Excellent resource and good for Q&A.
There are several advantages to driving in Costa Rica. There are, however, times when a shuttle service is a far better way to go. This website deals directly with the regional bird life, the nuances of getting around with a rental car and shuttle service, and understanding the distances between locations so that one can best determine an overall itinerary.

Besides San Jose, it is now possible to fly non-stop into Liberia, Costa Rica, (in NW Costa Rica, Guanacaste region) from many U.S. cities. At present, New York, Miami, Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Atlanta, and Houston have non-stop commercial flights to the Liberia International Airport.

Prior to flying, one can rent a car over the Internet or reserve a shuttle for transport to and from the airport. It's also possible to contract a driver for the entire stay. For birders and nature photographers, I recommend Costa Rica Gateways as a shuttle service. 

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