Costa Rica Birding

This website is an outline of birding trips to many of Costa Rica's more popular birding destinations. It is also partially a personal narrative of trips to Costa Rica beginning in 1991. Nearly all of the information here is from experience and includes personal bird observations and summaries.

While I have committed to the occasional bird tour with a group, all of the locations on this site have been accessed by a rental vehicle. While driving the country, I have gotten lost countless times. I have received two traffic tickets, had one flat tire, and one dead battery. My wife and I have picked up locals walking on remote dirt roads, had long talks with waiters and shop owners, and laughed with total strangers without speaking a word of Spanish. There has never been a single moment where we didn't feel safe. Renting a car gets easier every year, and the Costa Rican people couldn't be nicer. It never gets old.