Santa Rosa NP

Santa Rosa National Park is a fairly large national park in the northwest corner of Costa Rica near the Nicaraguan border. Most birds considered Guanacaste specialties can also be found here.

It's a good place for birds that inhabit dry scrub, but there is a evergreen gallery forest along one of the trails which is particularly good birding. Long-tailed Manakin, Rufous-capped Warbler, Barred Antshrike, and an isolated population of Black-crowned Antshrikes can be found here. I found a Nutting's Flycatcher in the drier habitat.

The more typical Guanacaste birds such as Turquoise-browed Motmot and Black-headed Trogon are fairly easy here.

I have also been told this park is a good place for Plain Ground Dove on the drive in.

Santa Rosa also has some of largest Guanacaste lizards in the country.

Santa Rosa NP Santa Rosa Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Black-headed Trogon - Greg Lavaty

Rufous-naped Wren - Greg Lavaty