Savegre Area

Savagre Valley and Vicinity

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Savegre Lodge is south of San Jose on the flanks of Cerro de la Muerte - the highest point in the Costa Rican section of the Inter-American Highway.  I have included some sightings here near the top of Cerro de la Muerte in 1997, but birding  at the top of this mountain is now limited. However, nearly all of the of the birds observed at Cerro de la Muerte can be observed not far away in the beautiful Savegre Valley. The well-known Savegre Lodge is where many birders and tour groups stay when birding the general area, but there are several lodges in the valley that can accommodate birders. Savegre Lodge is an excellent birding lodge in several respects. It has good accommodations and well-stocked hummingbird feeders. The lodge trails are good for several high-mountain species like Spotted Wood-Quail, Sulphur-winged Parakeet, and Barred Becard. The White-throated Mountain Gem and Volcano Hummingbird will come to the feeders at the restaurant. A few of the more difficult-to-see birds like Buffy Tuftedcheek, Streaked Xenops, and Dusky Nightjar are best found with the help of a guide. 

The bigger highlight at Savegre is access to good viewings of Resplendent Quetzal - the ease of viewing being determined by available food. You need to ask around to find out where the birds are being seen.

Spotted Wood-Quail - Greg Lavaty
Yellow-winged Vireo - Greg Lavaty

Although birds like Timberline Wren, Silvery-fronted Tapaculo, and Wrenthrush are not found on the Savagre grounds, they can be found at scattered locations a little higher up just off the highway if you have a guide. They may also be found near Parisio de Quetzal which is down the road a few kilometers (see "A Bird-finding Guide to Costa Rica").

Among other regular highland birds are Spangle-cheeked Tanager, Black-faced Solitaire, Brown-capped Vireo and Yellowish Flycatcher. A little birding around the lodge itself can turn up birds like Yellow-winged Vireo, Dark Pewee, or Yellow-bellied Siskin.

Spangle-cheeked Tanager - Greg Lavaty
Flame-throated Warbler - Greg Lavaty

Ebird observations (bar chart) at Savegre Mountain Lodge -