All of the banners and many of the photos were provided by Greg Lavaty. His work in Costa Rica (and elsewhere) is always stunning. He has been enormously generous.

Greg's photos of the birds of Costa Rica can be found here. You may also visit his birding website. Greg will sometimes lead photography tours to Costa Rica for people with a specific interest.

Black-collared HawkFerruginous Pygmy-OwlSocial FlycatcherSouthern LapwingAmazon KingfisherBuff-throated Foliage-gleanerChestnut-backed AntbirdRiverside WrenWhite-whiskered PuffbirdStripe-headed SparrowYellow-throated ToucanRufous-tailed JacamarCarousel imageCarousel imageCarousel imageSpot-breasted WrenRufous-naped WrenKeel-billed ToucanCollared PloverGreen-and-rufous KingfisherSungrebeOcellated AntbirdBlack-cheeked woodpeckerSilver-throated TanagerSpotted Wood-Quail Black-cheeked WarblerSnowy-bellied HummingbirdGolden-hooded TanagerCoppery-headed EmeraldDouble-striped Thick-KneeNicaraguan Seed-FinchGray-cowled Wood-RailBlack-crested CoquetteCollared RedstartCommon Tody FlycatcherAgami HeronBand-tailed BarbthroatSlaty-tailed TrogonRufous-and-White WrenBananaquitAmerican Pygmy KingfisherCinnamon HummingbirdYellow  (Mangrove) WarblerBarred AntshrikeRed-faced SpinetailLong-tailed Silky-FlycatcherGolden-olive WoodpeckerFlame-throated WarblerBlack-faced Solitaire

Other photographers that I use regularly include Annika Lindqvist, Bruce Hallett, Juan Diego Vargas, Johan Chaves, and Lora Render. I take all the uncredited photos, usually of locations, since I'm too embarrassed to put my bird images next to these people.

Jim Peterson

Orange Nectar Bat on Banana PlantJohan Chaves
Olivaceous Piculet - Greg Lavaty
Tawny-faced QuailJuan Diego Vargas